5 Shores Iced Coffee

5 Shores Iced Coffee

1.5oz 3 Shores Whiskey

.75oz Kahlua

.75oz Baileys

6oz coffee

Ice + Vanilla Whip Shots


This Adult iced coffee is a product of 5 different countries. Our Three shores whiskey has American Bourbon, Canadian Rye, and Highland Scotch. Mexico coming through with the Kahlua and Ireland’s very own Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur. With 3 oz of liquor this is definitely the coffee that will start your morning off right.

Add the Whiskey, Kahlua, and Coffee to a glass Fill with ice Top with Bailey's and a little extra cream. Vanilla Whip Shots Vodka Infused Whip Cream is the special treat to cap it off.

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