Bourbon Apple Cider Sour

Bourbon Apple Cider Sour

The perfect fall interpretation of a classic bourbon cocktail. In this sour we are going to use egg whites to give the cocktail a silky texture. This also creates a beautiful dense froth that holds up perfectly to stencil a logo or a drawing with bitters or even a dusting of your favorite holiday spice for an instagram worthy photo. 



1.5oz Waitsburg Bourbon

1oz Apple Cider

.75oz Lemon Juice

.5oz Simple Syrup

1 Egg White

Dash Ground Cinnamon  

Cinnamon Dusted Apple Slices


Start by separating your egg white into your shaker first. It is very important that no shell or egg yolk make it into the shaker. Doing this first ensures if the yolk breaks or you get shell in with the whites you don't wast any precious liquor! Add the bourbon, lemon juice, apple cider, Simple and a dash of cinnamon to the shaker. First you will dry shake the mixture as hard as you can for about 15-30 seconds. Wrap a towel around where the two ends of the shakers meet. Since there is no ice in this step the shaker won't create that cold bond that seals the gaps and you surely don't want a face full of egg whites.

After the dry shake throw in some ice and very gently swirl or shake the mixer just enough to chill the liquids inside and not break the foam you spent all that time making. Strain 3/4 into the coupe. Give a quick swirl of the ice around in the shaker and top off the drink to get the rest of that beautiful foam from the shaker. 

Thinly slice 3 apples, dust with cinnamon and skewer with a cocktail pick for garnish.


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