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  • Whiskey Flavor

    “What keeps coming up for me as I am creating OOLA Whiskeys is balance, complexity and a long smooth finish.  These characteristics are certainly present in all of OOLA’s whiskeys.  For instance, a big round mainly corn influenced Bourbon is not my thing.  I need the complexity that a high rye content can bring to the spirit.  That said, I also want to keep that in balance and not let it take over – corn is a beautiful thing as is rye, malted barley and wheat, but they need to be in balance.” ~ Kirby

  • The Name OOLA

    OOLA is named after the greatest German Shepherd who ever lived—sorry, fellow dog owners, this is a non-debatable fact and completely unbiased.

  • Kirby

    Our Founder and Head Distiller, Kirby Kallas-Lewis, developed a palette and passion for food, wine, and cocktails during his years as an art dealer in Paris, Brussels, New York, and San Francisco. Before finding a passion for distilling, he raised milk goats, created paintings and sculptures while living in Tahiti, worked on Alaskan fishing boats, and ran a gallery in NYC, phew! 

    “Distilling is like alchemy. Infusions can be artistic and create something new.”  ~Kirby