Work at OOLA Capitol Hill!

Below you will find available positions we are actively hiring for! Please submit your resume and a little bit about yourself and how you would be a good addition to the OOLA team. We will be contacting everyone shortly for in-person interviews!

  • Description

    OOLA Distillery is Seattle's oldest craft distillery. Founded in 2010 the company makes Whiskeys, Vodkas and Gins. We have opened a Bottle Shop in Capitol Hill which offers on site sales, small bites, tastings and craft cocktails during the day and full dinner service in the evening. We are looking for someone part time who can be the front person from 11am-5pm. Experience in sales, marketing, restaurant work (front and back of house) and bartending are all assets. The job also includes outreach to companies for contract distilling work, branded products, collaborations and larger accounts.

  • Details

    Schedule: 11am - 5pm

    Thursday - Saturday to start with the option to expand to FT based on sales.


    Skills Required: Computer skills important. Google Drive, Toast POS, Open Table, Squarespace Software all plusses.


    Compensation: Hourly + Tips

  • Whiskey Flavor

    “What keeps coming up for me as I am creating OOLA Whiskeys is balance, complexity and a long smooth finish.  These characteristics are certainly present in all of OOLA’s whiskeys.  For instance, a big round mainly corn influenced Bourbon is not my thing.  I need the complexity that a high rye content can bring to the spirit.  That said, I also want to keep that in balance and not let it take over – corn is a beautiful thing as is rye, malted barley and wheat, but they need to be in balance.” ~ Kirby

  • The Name OOLA

    OOLA is named after the greatest German Shepherd who ever lived—sorry, fellow dog owners, this is a non-debatable fact and completely unbiased.

  • Kirby

    Our Founder and Head Distiller, Kirby Kallas-Lewis, developed a palette and passion for food, wine, and cocktails during his years as an art dealer in Paris, Brussels, New York, and San Francisco. Before finding a passion for distilling, he raised milk goats, created paintings and sculptures while living in Tahiti, worked on Alaskan fishing boats, and ran a gallery in NYC, phew! 

    “Distilling is like alchemy. Infusions can be artistic and create something new.”  ~Kirby