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OOLA Distillery

Adventure 3 pack (50ml bottles)

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OOLA Flagship Vodka 50ml

The bite of crisp pepper evolves into a long finish of caramel, lemon and orange zest. We filter our vodka once using minimal charcoal to retain the character of locally-sourced grain.

OOLA Flagship Gin 50ml

Silky and light bodies on the palate, our gin’s velvet mouthfeel is a lush backdrop for a lively coriander and smokey black cardamom.

Waitsburg Bourbon 50ml 

The spicy kick of a high rye content is balanced by sweet, smooth corn and the unmistakably silky viscosity of organic Washington soft white winter wheat.

All spirit prices includes the WA State 20.1% Tax and a $3.877 per liter tax.