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OOLA Distillery

ALOO Chili Pepper Vodka

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40% abv. | 80 proof  

Size: 1 Liter

Vibrant fiery orange in color from an infusion of fresh Hungarian Goathorn Peppers. We source these flavorful peppers from the same Washington farm prized by our friends at Mama Lil’s. This spirit’s savory red pepper nose is surrounded by a subtle earthiness. ALOO Chili Pepper Vodka offers a spicy heat that dissipates into fresh capsicum with a touch of sweetness on the finish.

ALOO Chili Pepper Vodka is dynamite in a Bloody Mary and perfect for mixing up some delightfully spicy cocktails.  


All spirit prices includes the WA State 20.1% Tax and a $3.877 per liter tax.